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Positive Drive

A positive driven belt is driven by sprockets that engage with a toothed structure underneath the belt, just like modular belts. Every aspect is designed in such a way that it ensures maximum food safety, cleanability and operational stability.

Hygienic by design
While the drive concept is similar to modular belts, there’s a night and day difference on the hygienic perspective. Modular belts have a very open structure with each individual module being connected by a pin. Every opening is a potential hiding place for bacteria and cleaning efforts are proven insufficient.

Positive Drive belts are made of 100% homogeneous TPU material and completely closed from all sides, leaving no room for bacteria to hide. Furthermore, a positive drive belt does not require tension to operate smoothly without jumping or slippage. This is highly beneficial for the maintenance of the conveyor.

Positive Drive Centerdrive

Tailor-made solutions
The TPU material has very good chemical resistance properties and could even be equipped with Anti-Microbial additives to further prevent bacteria spread. Also, top cover embossing, low temperature resistance and TPEE alternatives can be offered upon request.

Positive Drive belts are available in different thicknesses, pitches and can be fabricated with cleats, sidewalls, perforations and more to suit your demands.

YongLi currently offers a range of 3 positive driven belts. This will soon be expanded. More information about Positive Drive belts can be found in this leaflet. Contact your sales person for further details.


Positive Drive Table



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