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The correct conveyor for each industry

YongLi Group boasts a complete product range of conveyor belts coated with material like PVC, PU, PE, TPEE, Silicone and Rubber, applicable in various kinds of industries: tobacco, food, logistics, post, airport machinery, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, electronics, rinting and sports entertainment.

Our experienced specialists can advise you to find a solution that meets your specific need and offer you a customized range of band solutions.

YongLi Group has acquired extensive expertise to produce conveyor belts to specific industry:
- Logistics & airports
- Food processing
- Agri- and horticulture
- Tobacco processing
- Sports & treadmills
- Industrial rolling door & Dock-shelter
- Marble & stones
- Wood processing
- Automobile & tyre
- Pulley laggings

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Why YongLi

  1. Best overall quality and price that you can find
  2. Focus on quality and development both in China and The Netherlands
  3. Large production capacity
  4. Willing to develop conveyor belts together with you
  5. Possibility to produce specialized conveyor belts