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As a high-end international brand which YongLi company has made a big investment in, YONGLITEX engages in the green coatings like TPU, TPO, TPEE etc. and supplying customers with engineered fabrics and innovative solutions. YONGLITEX has high social responsibility by making contribution to the coexistence and development between the human and environment.

Flexible containments
For potable water, diesel, gasoline, wine, juice, waste water and other chemical liquids etc..; applying with FDA-regulations, having good chemical-resistance.
Environment protection and control
Used in oil spill containment systems and wastewater treatment systems; having good performances under low temperature.
Aquaculture industry
Used for lining of fish cages; having good strengths and seawater-resistance.
Inflatable products
Used as inflatable boats and rafts, inflatable sports equipments like inflatable trampolines and slides; having good strengths, excellent hydrolysis-resistance and good abrasion-resistance; fully green products.
Sports equipments
Used in the sportshalls as the flooring materials and partitioning materials etc..; with FR retardant, good abrasion resistant, anti-microbial and anti-static etc.
Medical equipments
Used as the inflatable pipeline of the anti-bedsore mattresses and the inflatable capsule material of massages chairs; being environment-friendly and good abrasion-resistance.
Waterproof materials
Used as roofing protective materials; being operation easily, water resistant, oil resistant, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistant etc.
Lining material of pipelines
Used to repair the pipelines which convey oils, gas and water etc. by CIPP technology; have excellent oil resistance, hydrolysis resistance and good performances under high pressure.

You can find more information about Yonglitex here.

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