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YongLi R&D

In 2010, YongLi Research & Development was set up in The Netherlands in cooperation with Wellwaij Belting. They are specialized to produce a complete product range of conveyor belts applicable in various kinds of industries. They are strongly represented in agri- and horticulture. YongLi produces together with Wellwaij Belting exclusively for the Netherlands and they arrange confection and sales in Wormer, North-Holland.

Different kinds of experiments are made day by day, including the products test, new material research and customized products design. Strict quality check and management are applied from material purchase to final products. This makes them standing out from the competitors.The technicians also do their best to keep the pace and high requirements from customers all over the world.

They believe that only if all different process controls work together they can ensure high-end quality products. They also focus on innovation by developing and implementing new products for various industries. In addition, they can guarantee the customers with a fast delivery because the production is taking place here. In this way, YongLi R&D can act quickly and effectively to this dynamic market.

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Why YongLi

  1. Best overall quality and price that you can find
  2. Focus on quality and development both in China and The Netherlands
  3. Large production capacity
  4. Willing to develop conveyor belts together with you
  5. Possibility to produce specialized conveyor belts