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YongLi Europe B.V.

In 2004 YongLi Europe B.V. was founded by Shanghai YongLi Belting Co.Ltd. and Aris Wind B.V. This young service minded company operated in Warmerhuizen in North-Holland and focused on the conveyor belts market in The Netherlands and Europe. Through the years the company has grown along with its customers to South Africa and South America, therefore they moved to the new building in Koolmand 3 in Oudkarspel in 2009.

With the support of the Chinese owner (Shi Pei Hao), and the necessary drift and passion of the two Dutch owners (Aris Wind and Remko van Hove) they found customers who wanted to try out the conveyor belts from China. YongLi Europe opted for a personal, service-oriented approach based on "money back" guarantee. During this period, there were only positive reactions coming from the customers. Due to their enthusiasm, persuasiveness and passion, YongLi Europe becomes a dynamic and continuously growing company. In December 2013 YongLi Poland Sp.z.o.o was founded in cooperation with Tomasz Mundry and Damian Rosly.

YongLi distinguishes itself among global competitors by focusing on a personal and respectful approach aligning with client needs. They provide good quality and reliability of the products through a good collaboration with their customers.


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Why YongLi

  1. Best overall quality and price that you can find
  2. Focus on quality and development both in China and The Netherlands
  3. Large production capacity
  4. Willing to develop conveyor belts together with you
  5. Possibility to produce specialized conveyor belts