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Founded in 1989, YongLi Group is a specialized manufacturer of light duty conveyor belts. YongLi Group boasts a complete product range of conveyor belts coated with material like PVC, PU, PE, TPEE, Silicone and Rubber, applicable in various kinds of industries.

Currently, YongLi has 16 production lines, more than 70 distributors in 45 countries and 630 employees. In 2014, total production quantities exceed 3.339.000 square meters and had a turnover of 65.000.000 USD. We built up a solid reputation by designing and manufacturing high quality products in an innovative way for a variety of markets. The markets include the food industry, logistics and airports, tobacco, post, automotive industry, wood industry, sport and treadmills.

YongLi also has an all-round and experienced fabrication workshop which has many advanced fabricated machines to ensure different customer needs can be satisfied. Different fabrication process, such as cleat, guide rope, sidewall, edge capped can be accomplished by our over 120 experienced workers here.

YongLi Group guarantees high quality products, customer-minded services and advice by specific industry. Our staff will help you to find a solution that meets your specific need. The powerful combination of innovation, collaboration, knowledge of the market and flexibility is the key to success for this dynamic and service-oriented organization.

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Why YongLi

  1. Best overall quality and price that you can find
  2. Focus on quality and development both in China and The Netherlands
  3. Large production capacity
  4. Willing to develop conveyor belts together with you
  5. Possibility to produce specialized conveyor belts