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- 1989, YongLi Plastic-rubber Industry & Commerce Co.Ltd. was set up.

- 2001, YongLi Industrial Belting Co.Ltd. was set up and started to manufacture light weight conveyor belts.

- 2004, YongLi Europe B.V. was set up in The Netherlands.

- 2006, YongLi set up the second manufacturing plant in Chongming, Shanghai.

- 2009, YongLi International Holding B.V. was set up in The Netherlands.

- 2009, YongLi Group joined NIBA (National Industrial Belting Association) successfully.

- 2010, YongLi R&D was set up in The Netherlands.

- June 2011, Yongli went public in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

- February 2013, YongLi Korea Co.Ltd. was set up in Seoul, Korea.

- December 2013, YongLi Poland Sp.z.o.o. was set up in Czersk, Poland.

- January 2015, YongLi America LLC was set up in Portage, Indiana USA.

- October 2015, YongLi Österreich GmbH was set up in Wals-Siezenheim, Austria.



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Why YongLi

  1. Best overall quality and price that you can find
  2. Focus on quality and development both in China and The Netherlands
  3. Large production capacity
  4. Willing to develop conveyor belts together with you
  5. Possibility to produce specialized conveyor belts