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Tegenkracht, for sport - against cancer!

YongLi Europe B.V. is a dynamic and service minded organization that continuously works on the global societal challenges as well stimulates business growth through their people. Their strategic philanthropy and corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts are aligned to their key businesses and focus specially on developing and promoting the use of sports, arts and culture for the empowerment of vulnerable groups. Therefore they support for an extended period Tegenkracht Foundation.

Tegenkracht Foundation is the only organization in The Netherlands that helps cancer patients to win back their confidence when they are facing the game of their lives. Cancer is a serious disease that demands a lot of effort. They believe that sport and training during treatment will provide the patients a positive contribution to quality of life. That’s what YongLi Europe supports too!

YongLi Europe fully supports the goal of Tegenkrach Foundationt: the possibility of medical support for all cancer patients in The Netherlands in 2020. Tegenkracht provides cancer patients personalized guidance on sport. Personalized to their physical condition, but also focus on their individual needs and goals.

YongLi Europe supports Tegenkracht Foundation for at least three years with a substantial amount so that Tegenkracht can help more people. If you are interested in this foundation and want to know about it, please go to www.tegenkracht.nl.

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